Cristiano Ronaldo’s Tax Issues. How big are they? Can he go to jail?

Cristiano Ronald could face up to six years in prison for tax fraud

Prison for CR7 - the possible fall of Cristiano Ronaldo and Gestifute Jorge Mendes?

This week Spanish newspaper El Mundo broke a story about Real Madrid’s soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo “moved money” to the tune of 126 million pounds (approximately 158 million dollars) offshore tax haven British Virgin Islands as early as 2009.   This is quite an accusation.  But how much of it is true?

Of course, Mr. Jorge Mendes and his crew at Gestifute are denying the claims and have even gone as far as publishing documents to prove their star client’s innocence.

However there is a senior figure of one of the tax worker’s union’s most senior figure Molliendo who is suggesting prison time for the man known as CR7 to most of the world.

Molliendo is quoted as saying: “The information about Cristiano Ronaldo makes it look like he could have defrauded more than €150 million. We’d be looking at a major fiscal crime. This would fit a minimum prison sentence for each tax year of the fraud. If the open inspection is for three years, [then it would be] a minimum of six years in prison”.

He continued to say, “If, before two months have passed from the opening of the investigation, they legally recognize the facts and pay back the defrauded amount, the punishment can be reduced.”

So do you think Cristiano Ronaldo will go to jail?  This would be just another case of a BallersLife fail.  This is why professional athlete should be well represented and well educated about the pitfalls of money…

If you are already making a dream salary…Why get greedy and go for more dough?  This just doesn’t make any sense at all.  CR7 you are making more than you ever dreamed of… Be happy and content with that and pay the powers that will take you down given the chance.



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