Former NBA Player Juaquin Hawkins on Broke doesn’t equal broken podcast

Broke doesn’t Equal Broke – Motivational and Inspirational Book and Podcast series. Hosted and written by Mark Lugo.

This is the first official episode in the series. On this show, one of the NBA’s oldest rookies Juaquin Hawkins was invited by Mark to share his NBA experience and talk about his stroke, his financial setbacks and how he is recovering from a tragic moment in his life.

Juaquin Hawkins on Broke doesn’t equal broken PODCAST – Official Episode One

Hawk lost everything he worked for. He lost his family home in California and also lost the home he bought for his mother. He went bankrupt and lived in a hotel room, day to day, along with his three young daughters, his wife and his mother. Basically, he was homeless.

For Hawk, it was DO or DIE and he decided to DO. He is the author of STROKE OF GRACE. He is the founder of HAWK’S HOOPS BASKETBALL TRAINING in Riverside, California.

The former NBA player got up and starting personal basketball coaching to feed his family. Currently, he runs a basketball training camp that partners with the NBA, Jrs program. He also coaches a 100 plus player travel team. Things are starting to come together for Juaquin Hawkins and he is truly a motivational and inspiration to all who come in contact with him.

Visit his stroke awareness website: for more information about Juaquin and stroke prevention tips.

He was featured on Tony Robbin’s Breakthrough TV show.

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