Mark Lugo Favorite Motivational Books Top 11 plus one List

This is my all-time favorite motivational books top 11 + one list:

My top 11 plus one motivational books list for 2017.  If you don’t read any books this year, make sure you read at these 11 plus one books.

My first title on my list is Life Without Limits: Inspiration for a Ridiculously Good Life by Nick Vujicic – All I can say about this book is – EVERYONE should read it.

Same goes for number two…. UNSTOPPABLE – The title should say it all.

The rest of the list doesn’t really have an order because they all are good books.

Shamelessly, I have added my book to the list… BROKE doesn’t equal Broken.  I hope my book inspires you to take more chances in life as you work and grind for your success and dream fulfillment.  Life is not easy. It will beat you up, it will be “unfair” and we will sometimes lose it all.  Don’t let the moment of “broke” break you…And if by chance the broke moments do break.. reinvent YOU and get going again!

Life is not over until it’s over.  Life after economic setback is not death.

Hope you enjoy all the books on my list! Cheers!


BONUS BOOK (Not really a motivational or inspirational book title… but it will do both of you listen carefully)