People sniff through the bullshit

It’s amazing that people still are fooled by marketers.  The good news is that bullshit will soon be a thing of the past. So we are hoping anyway.

MillerCoors learned a hard lesson about bullshit marketing: millennials are not that asleep at the wheel. Well may be at the wheel… But when it comes to convincing them to buy your product because it connects with them…NOPE!

The “I am Rich” campaign taught MillerCoors executives that “you need not act like a millennial to appeal to a millennial,” Mr. Marek said. “This is a lesson a lot of brands are learning within beer and across a lot of other categories as well. You have to be authentic. You have to be true to yourself. Because people sniff through the bullshit.” He said that because MillerCoors is proud of High Life’s credentials, “it’s a really easy job to do. You celebrate your product. You celebrate your heritage. You celebrate the values the brand stands for.”

So will other leading brands continue to promote bullshit or seek for the authenticity that the market is looking for?  We can’t say if modern day marketers are even capable of identifying authenticity.  Brands simply find a cause and create an attachment sort of like apathy then point and shoot and distribute.

For their 150th anniversary back in 2012, Bacardi released a series of print and television ads showcasing the brand’s party-starting heritage. The trip down memory lane was intended to give the company a shot of authenticity, reminding consumers that Bacardi has stood the test of time.

The insurance company that follows a dying father. The barbecue sauce that reminds you how finger licking good your grandmother’s cooking was and how you will remember buying your first new car.  Some popular marketers are now trying to bring marketing/advertising with together with nostalgia.   Nostalgia is definitely a commodity when it’s authentic it has a real value.