Puerto Rico Tourism and FC Sevilla LaLiga

Sevilla FC and the Puerto Rico Tourism Company (CTPR) have reached an important and satisfactory sponsorship agreement whereby CTPR becomes the main sponsor of Seville FC by acquiring the largest set of assets that the entity had prepared for Its marketing and reserved to date, awaiting the arrival of a brand with wide potential. This agreement allows Sevilla FC to see the logo SeePuertoRico.com in the front of his jersey from this same Saturday in the match he will play at El Molinón against Real Club Sporting de Gijón.

Sevilla FC is delighted to have signed this valuable sponsorship agreement with a destination with which Spain and Andalusia have close and indisputable historical ties. Sevilla FC president José Castro can not hide the enormous satisfaction that the Andalusian club has for the agreement: “We are very pleased to have reached such an important agreement. It is undoubtedly the most important sponsorship agreement signed by Sevilla FC in its 126 years of history. It is a pride to be now ambassadors of Puerto Rico in Spain and the world, a land as warm as attractive to its visitors. I am absolutely convinced that we will contribute to the tourism growth of Puerto Rico with the worldwide impact and recognition of our brand. Tourism of Puerto Rico combines all the conditions and values ​​that we wanted to add to the current Seville FC. A reputed international tourist brand, with which we can grow and enrich each other. ”

“It is without doubt the most important sponsorship agreement signed by Sevilla FC in its 126 years of history,” says President José Castro

On this agreement, Ingrid I. Rivera Rocafort, executive director of the Puerto Rico Tourism Company, points out that “in the Tourism Company we are very proud to achieve what we understand will be one of the most important alliances that Puerto Rico has had in the last years. Sevilla FC is one of the most important soccer teams in the world with spectators in the United States, Latin America, Europe and Asia, which places Puerto Rico in an unprecedented international reach. We are sure that this alliance will result in a significant increase of visitors to the Island and even more the potential opportunity of investors to Puerto Rico, not only in Spain but worldwide, which will make a great contribution to the economic development of the island ” .

“Sevilla FC is one of the most important teams in the world, which puts Puerto Rico at an unprecedented international reach”

With this important alliance the CTPR takes an outstanding step to expand its brand and make Puerto Rico a tourist destination worldwide, betting to achieve its goal for one of the clubs of international fashion. Sevilla FC, in fact, is five times UEFA Europa League champion, three of them consecutively in the last three campaigns -13/14, 14/15 and 15/16-, historical milestones that have even been worth it. Recent recognition of two Guinness World Record.

Sevilla FC, currently ranked second in the Spanish league and tenth team with the best UEFA coefficient, has won six international and three national titles in the last decade, playing 16 finals, all of them with huge television audiences. Today Sevilla FC is the fourth LaLiga team with the highest audience worldwide, 200 million spectators, (Source: Nielsen Sports, International Media Valuation, 15/16), as well as the third LaLiga team with the highest rate Of occupation to his stadium during season 15/16 (Source: LaLiga), with a 79.43%.

Following the significant contribution to the growth of tourists in other destinations, the Puerto Rico Tourism Company has relied on Seville FC as a guarantee of success in the growth of tourism and international development of the island. The expected economic impact can be Extraordinary, being perhaps one of the most profitable strategic decisions for the economy and the expansion of the brand. In this sense, it should be noted that given the spectacular growth that has been experienced by Seville FC in recent years, the advertising value in the sponsorship market for the CTPR is estimated at 27 million dollars annually.

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