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About Mark Lugo Sports and Entertainment

Mark Lugo started his professional career selling ice cream at Yankee Stadium. At that time being a stadium concessioner was actually fun and enjoyable. Hopefully, it still is. 

After relocating to Miami at the age of 19 to study law (he didn’t continue down that route claiming it was too political :), he refocused his studies to marketing and international business. Shortly there after he began producing street fairs and concerts mainly targeting the local Miami Latino market. His concert business started to flourish. Lugo began taking on other genre production projects including the International Music Festival, a top 10 salsa and merengue band festival in downtown Miami and also Miami Hop Hop Fest, 98 featuring Miami local DJ Khaled and rap breakthrough artist DMX. 

Lugo didn’t stop there. He partnered in a mobile billboard company – 212 MEDIA. Within 18 months, 212 Media was all over the United States managing outdoor mobile advertising campaigns for major Fortune 500 clients. 

In mid-1999, Lugo went online via the WWW (what is was called at the time) and partnered in an online fashion retailer called He and his partner Rohan were truly pioneers in the online apparel retail space.  

During most of the 2000’s, Lugo dedicated his time to client promotions and activation throughout the United States and Latin America. 

In 2012, Lugo began to focus on digital marketing and the mobile app development industry. Currently still in the online marketing and digital app development and design space between Barcelona, Porto and San José, Costa Rica.