Fairplay4Kids Empire State NYC

Yellow and Blue at top of New York City?

FairPlay4Kids, an organization dedicated to lobbying for the rights of young soccer players worldwide, has announced that it has connected the management of the Empire State Building requesting that the iconic building change its colors to yellow and blue.

Yellow and blue are the colors that FIFA uses in its FAIR PLAY communication strategy. “our colors were carefully chosen to signify “fair play” as well”, said Mark Lugo, organization’s president and co-founder. “However our “fair play”is directive at FIFA who is not listening to the pleas from parents and legal guardians from around the world who are asking for amendment”, he stated.

Fairplay 4 Kids FIFA Article 19

Since the middle of 2015, FairPlay for kids has been attempting communication with FIFA to discuss Article 19. The regulation, according to FairPlay and thousands of parents claim to discriminate against children with expats parents, gay parents and deceased parents. Presidents of FC Barcelona and La Liga both agree the regulation needs some major adjustment and that it is unjust.

For now, FairPlay hopes to turn New York City yellow and blue at least for a day.  FIFA will hopefully realize the pain and suffering it is causing by ignoring the 40,000 children who will be watching the building glow in the colors that represent their sorrow.

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