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FAIRPLAY4KIDS Pens letter to President Donald Trump of the United States

Earlier this week FC Barcelona announced that Ben Lederman, an American child banned by FIFA a few years ago, has been welcomed back to the football club. It’s unclear if Lederman already has obtain his official FIFA “ficha”.  However, the news is positive for FairPlay4Kids.

FCB Ben Lederman banned by FIFA Article 19 Player

With the good news, our team did not stop and we continue our schedule.  This week, a letter has been prepared for the new president of the United States, Donald Trump.  It’s obvious Article 19 issues do not only affect children coming from poor countries but from everywhere, even the USA.  The regulation affects children on all economic levels, races and origins from China to Africa.  The fact that Lederman may be able to play in the coming days doesn’t erase the fact that 150,000 children or more, globally, are still sidelined.

Our organization was created to help and guide the parents and guardians of children who are being sidelined for what appears to be discriminatory reasons.  The simple fact that JOE CHILD is from the USA and his parents move to ANYWHERE OTHER COUNTRY…creates an alert to the local federations and FIFA assumes the family relocated for footballing reasons.  That’s a major fail in the FIFA regulation.

This week our chairman, Mark Lugo, penned a letter to President Trump. “I just wanted to bring the new president up to speed on the actions that FIFA is taking against children globally”, said Lugo.  “Ben Lederman is a perfect example that proves the regulation is serious flawed.  An American child with well off parents and he is sidelined.” , he explained.

Now is just a wait and see if the White House reacts to our letter.  At least we know it’s documented, the White House documents everything it receives.

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